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Let the "Wilder Minds" dispense our knowledge to help get your team up to speed and get your product to market faster.

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We have a number of popular classes that we can hold on premises or remotely. We can also customize any course to fit your particular needs.

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Pragmatic Advice

Leading by Example

Our offerings include the ability to work directly with your team to design, architect or problem solve any type of software you're working on.

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What's New?

New 'Using Vue with ASP.NET Core by Example' Course

Creating large, monolithic SPAs is all the rage, but not all solutions need a single page application. I found that improving parts of my web projects with islands of functionality was better in many cases, but the complexity of Angular and my hatred of .jsx made me yearn for a modern framework that is simple and straightforward. That’s where Vue came in and saved the day.

"Bootstrap 4 by Example" Course

As web developers, our job often requires us to put a designer's hat on and make our sites good even if we're not the most artistically inclined person. In addition, we have to make sites look their best regardless of what device it's being viewed on. For both of these tasks, a user interface framework can help us tremendously.

You can view our entire portfolio of courses here.

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