Remote Coaching

Shawn Wildermuth is available to help your team through difficult decisions, tough technical problems, or just confirmation of your architectural plans. He's just a Skype call away.

Onsite Training

Shawn offers a variety of courses to train your teams. From Web Development, API creation, or enterprise architecture, we have courses that will get your team up to speed fast.

Online Courses

We offer home-grown online courses to take at your own pace, or to get up to speed quickly. We've also have over 25 popular courses on Pluralsight by Shawn Wildermuth.

Helping Organizations Keep Up With the Speed of Technology

Training and Coaching

Technology Is Constantly Changing

Learning a new technology has its speed bumps. Knowing which wave to follow in a big challenge. We believe that a mix of training and coaching can have tremendous benefits for individuals and teams that are trying to modernize their skillsets.

Our training options include:


Our philosophy is simple: “We want you to not need us.”

We have decided to not call it "consulting" or "architecture" because, at the end of the day, the goal of this kind of service is to make your team better. It may be to validate what they are doing or to help change direction, to help with pair programming of key components, or even one-on-one training. We want to make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way with our coaching.

End Key

Shawn Wildermuth Has the Experience

As a software developer, team lead, and architect, Shawn has a passion for helping companies, developers, and students keep up with the latest technological choices for their own software.

Here are some stats about Shawn’s courses over the years:

Years Teaching:
Total Students:
Almost 1,000,0001
Average Rating (out of 5):
1 Source: Pluralsight Courses as of March 2019
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Wilder Minds Training Expertise Includes:

Web Development

Since its introduction back in 1992, the web has evolved in so many ways. While the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are still there, the way we approach these languages is completely different. Our courses on the basics of web development are perfect for the person wanting to build websites, progressive apps, or launch their own blog.


Microsoft's web platforms have always been close to our hearts here at Wilder Minds. That’s why we've created some of the most watched courses on ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core in the past decade. If your team is looking to move from Web Forms to ASP.NET MVC, or they just want to get up to speed with Microsoft's new vision for .NET Core, we're the best resource to help you learn how it all works.


The team at Google have created several great solutions for client-side development. We've been working with and teaching Angular from the earliest released of AngularJS. If Angular is what you're looking for, take a look at our courses on the subject!


As the new framework on the block, Vue.js has a lot going for it. It fits into scenarios where React or Angular are just too big. We're a big proponent of Vue.js, and we can help you get up to speed to how this new framework works - and where to use it.

Data Courses

From Shawn Wildermuth's earliest days as the "ADO Guy", he's been passionate about data and data stores. His pragmatic approach means he has a great understanding of the roles of relational databases, No-SQL data stores, and hybrid solutions.

Cloud Courses

If you're still running your own data centers, you might be doing it wrong. Understanding the acronym of PaaS, Iaas, etc. means you'll need to understand the complexities of giving up control of hardware. That loss of control, however, gives you a lot of freedom to scale up and out without the hassles of yesteryear.

Students seem to love us too!

Really enjoying your ASP.NET Core training course on Pluralsight Shawn. The best course I've looked at. Lots of useful topics, well done, and thanks!
Andrew Fielden
If you are looking to learn from scratch or revamp your current knowledge, this is the class for you!
David Blaise
Innosource Business Solutions
I thought it was a great class. Thanks!
John Harvey
Microsoft Inc.
Good quick introduction to Font Awesome. Worth the time for anyone in front-end development.
Mordechai Zuber