Using VueJS to create rich client applications

Ecosystems like Angular and React require a lot of moving pieces to get working. Sometimes a simple approach is better.

In this one day course, Shawn Wildermuth will show you how to build web sites and applications using the VueJS framework.


What is VueJS
  • What Problem is VueJS Solving?
  • Where Can VueJS Be Used
  • How is VueJS Different?
  • Your First VueJS Project
Data Binding in VueJS
  • Data Binding Basics
  • Formatting in VueJS
  • List Binding
  • Using Forms
  • Validation
Calling Services
  • Using HTTP in VueJS
  • Calling a GET
  • Calling a POST
  • Calling a PUT
  • Calling a POST
VueJS Routing
  • Why Client-Side Routing
  • Introducing Routing
  • Setting Up Patterns for Routing
  • Nested Routes
  • Passing Parameters
  • Using Browser History

Course Info

1 day

Before taking this course students should have some familiarity with web application development. No JavaScript experience is necessary.

Printable Course Outline