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JavaScript for C# Developers

1 day(s)
javascript | csharp | microsoft | web development

Building compelling sites that work across devices is the new black. For existing .NET developers, this can be a challenge to understand the differences between JavaScript and .NET. If this is you, this course is for you.


  • Introducing JavaScript
    • HelloWorld.js
    • Hello Debugging
    • Comparing the CLR and JavaScript
    • Just-in-time Compilation
    • Garbage Collection
    • Strong and Loose Typing
    • ECMAScript, JavaScript and JScript Explained
  • JavaScript Type System
    • Basic Language Elements
    • Type System
    • Primitives
    • Objects
    • Arrays
    • Object and Array Creation
    • Dynamic Objects versus Classes
    • Functions as a DataType
    • Closures
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
    • OOP in JavaScript
    • Classes and Pseudo-Classes
    • Inheritance in JavaScript
    • Understanding the Prototype Object
    • Module Pattern
    • Revealing Module Pattern
    • Prototype Pattern
    • Revealing Prototype Pattern
  • Introducing jQuery
    • Including jQuery
    • Using the Selector Syntax
    • Working with jQuery Collections
    • Common jQuery Techniques
    • Handling events with jQuery
    • Manipulating the DOM with jQuery
    • jQuery Animations
    • jQuery Ajax
  • Data Binding with KnockoutJS
    • What is KnockoutJS
    • Using Data Binding
    • Client-side Templating
    • Using Models
    • Round-tripping Objects
    • Using View Models
    • Using Observables
    • Calculated Observables
    • Creating Your Own Bindings
    • Throttling Knockout


This course is specifically for .NET developers and builds on existing C# and VB.NET skillsets.

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